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Wild Child

Tuesday, 17. November 2009 10:25

One of my heroes -heroines? – Joan Jett!

Didja see Joey there at the beginning?

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Young, Loud and Snotty!

Monday, 16. November 2009 10:49

The Dead Boys. As punk as it gets. Sorry about the annoying introduction. There were versions of the clip without it, but this one had the best sound.

Sonic reducer, ain’t no loser.

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Punks with Swords!

Friday, 13. November 2009 15:04

I agonized over what I should post for my first rock clip, until I remembered… this!

Easily one of the silliest videos ever made, but a great singalong punk song. I love it.

Warning, this clip is TLFW. (too loud for work)

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