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Jane Carver art revealed!

Thursday, 15. December 2011 21:57

Night Shade Books put it up ON THEIR SITE, so I can at last show you the fantastic art Dave Dorman did for Jane Carver of Waar. I am so thrilled to have my story illustrated by such a consummate professional. Just look at this!


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Thoughts on Writing and Art

Thursday, 7. July 2011 11:22

I stole this from my old Live Journal blog. I was thinking about it all again and decided to repost it. It’s about communication in Art and Writing.

The end product of all art (writing/painting/sculpture/film-making/etc.) is NOT the book or print or statue or movie the artist made. The end product of all art is the reaction that the book/print/statue/etc causes in the heart and mind of the person who looks at it. (laughter/tears/rage/joy/horror/etc.)

Art is just a way to take the pictures in your head and the emotions in your heart, and put them into the head and heart of someone else. It is communication. Pure and simple. If you want a person who looks at your work to see what you had in your mind, and feel what you had in your heart, then you must learn to communicate clearly and powerfully.

In illustration, that means learning to draw and paint as well as you can, because if you’re thinking like Frazetta, but your fingers are only making stick figures, no one is going to see it like you saw it.

In writing, it means learning to think clearly and write cleanly. If you’ve got a great epic fantasy novel in your head, but your fingers type “…some doods went to teh forrest and totally killd some Orkz” no-one who reads it is going feel it like you felt it.

So, to sum up. Art is communication. Knowledge and technique help make that communication clear.


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Born to Draw

Wednesday, 15. June 2011 11:31

I’ve been lax lately about linking to cool artists I find on the web. Well, no more!

I found Marek Madej while browsing and really liked his haunting, sketchy style. I don’t know anymore about him than what is on his info page, which says he is a concept artist in Poland, but it is obvious from his sketches and daily exercises that he loves to draw. Link through the pics to check out his art blog.

November - Marek Madej

November - Marek Madej

Colossus - Marek Madej

Colossus - Marek Madej


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Bloodforged Contest Winners!

Monday, 6. June 2011 3:03


For a while there I really thought I would get no entries at all, but finally, right at the end, a bunch of art came in all at once and saved the day. Still, I didn’t get that many entries, so I’m going to go ahead and post them all.

First up, the miniature contest. I only got one entry for this half of the contest, so Adam would have been a winner regardless of quality, but he did a great job. I really like the attention to detail on this. He even got the mask. Congratulations, Adam Parkhouse!

Ulrika Miniature

Next up is the Art Contest. There were six entries, and I’ll finish with the winners last. Here we go:

Amos Webb.

Dave Ploss

Ian Rosenthal

Second Runner-Up is Jen Miller

First Runner-Up is Greg Humes

And the Winner is Nadine Greß. Well done, Nadine. Excellent work! The line work and detail are fantastic!

Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to all the winners! Please, winners, send me your mailing addesses so I can send you your prizes!

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Bloodforged Contest Closed

Tuesday, 31. May 2011 11:24

Right, it’s the 31st, so the contest is over. The last entries came in yesterday, just under the wire. I didn’t get as many as I’d hoped, but there were some good ones. I will get it all sorted out, post all the entries, and announce the winners next Monday, June 6th.

Thanks, all, for entering!

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Fabulous Prizes!

Saturday, 30. April 2011 11:57

So cool!

Winona Nelson has sent the Bloodforged prints that I will be giving away as prizes in the Bloodforged art and mini contest, and here they are, with the book on the side to show the scale. They are beautiful, high quality prints on heavy paper, and are signed by Winona and myself.

Man, I almost want to keep one for me!

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Bloodforged Contest!

Tuesday, 5. April 2011 10:49

To celebrate the upcoming release of the second Ulrika book, Bloodforged, I have decided to hold a double contest. Here’s how it works. I am looking for the best Ulrika artwork and best Ulrika miniature conversion, and I will be giving out cool prizes to the winners and runners up in both categories.

Both art and miniatures should represent Ulrika, armed and dangerous, as described in Bloodborn or Bloodforged and shown on the covers. There should be no nudity or excessive violence (this is a family show) but the rest is at your discretion.

The contest will run from now until Monday, May 30th 2011, and I will announce the winners a week later on Monday, June 6th, which is right between the US and UK Bloodforged release dates.

I reserve the right to post all entries, whether winners or losers, on my blog, but make no guarantees that I will show any of them. Enter at your own risk.

Here are the details for each contest:

Art Contest

The medium can be anything you want, pen, pencil, paint, digital, even sculpture or photography. It can be a pin-up, portrait, action scene, comic story, etc. Whatever you want, as long as it features Ulrika. Please DO NOT send original works. Send jpgs of the work to my gmail address and make sure they’re not too big. 700×450 pixels is about right. The decision of the judges (me) is final.

Miniature Contest

The medium is a standard 28mm miniature figure, converted and painted to look like Ulrika. If you want to go nuts and make a diorama, be my guest, but a single figure will be fine. As with the art contest, DO NOT send the actual miniatures. Send jpgs of the finished pieces to my gmail address and make sure they’re not too big. 700×450 pixels is about right. The decision of the judges (me) is final.


Prizes for both contests are as follows:

First Prize is a signed copy of Bloodforged PLUS a print of the Bloodforged cover art signed by me and the artist, Winona Nelson.

Two runners up will each receive a signed copy of Bloodforged.

There you go. Any questions, send an e-mail. Good luck and get started. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

And no, Winona, you can’t enter….

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A taste of Blood!

Wednesday, 9. March 2011 11:22

So cool! My first sample copy of Bloodforged just arrived in the mail. It looks great! Thanks again to Nonie for a great painting, and to Darius for the design. I love it!

Click on the photo to pre-order it from Amazon!

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Tintin in R’lyeh

Friday, 19. November 2010 22:26

This is great. I don’t know much about the artist, but he’s done a dead-nuts copy of the old Tintin books I used to read, but with new adversaries. I want to read them!

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Zombie Blog!

Monday, 13. September 2010 10:54

Yes, this blog is back from the dead, but that’s not what I mean. I did a guest blog over at the Black Library site in anticipation of the release of Zombieslayer. It’s entitled Life and Undeath in the Old World: A Seven Point Traveller’s Guide to Not Being Eaten by Zombies, and it’s a seven point traveller’s guide to not being eaten by zombies. Timely and informative. Click on the image to check it out!

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