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The Most Amazing Painting Ever Painted

Wednesday, 23. January 2013 10:24

I have no words to add. None are necessary.

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Swords of Waar available today!

Monday, 8. October 2012 10:39

Not sure what happened, but who am I to complain? Even though it says right on the page that Swords of Waar is coming out Oct 23rd, apparently it’s available on Amazon right now! That’s right, you can buy the sequel to Jane Carver of Waar today! Be the first one on your block!

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Me and Dave and Jane

Monday, 16. July 2012 13:22

Finally met the mighty Dave Dorman face to face at Comic Con, and got to thank him for his great work. Here we are holding the amazing covers he painted for Jane Carver of Waar and the upcoming Swords of Waar. So cool to see them in the flesh… so to speak. Thanks, Dave!

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Bloodsworn in Britain!

Monday, 4. June 2012 13:55

Amazon UK is showing that Bloodsworn, my third Ulrika the Vampire novel, is now available for sale. And doing quite well, actually. As I write this its Amazon ranking is 1971! Woo hoo!


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Swords of Waar Cover!

Wednesday, 18. April 2012 11:10

Jane flies again! Night Shade Books just revealed the cover of the second Jane Carver book, Swords of Waar!

So exciting! I’ve been waiting a long time to show it. Have a look!

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The Trilogy is Complete!

Tuesday, 27. March 2012 12:18

Finally got my author copies of Bloodsworn and I had to lay it down next to Bloodborn and Bloodforged just to see ’em all together. Don’t they look fantastic? So pleased with Winona’s art and the overall look and feel of the series. I am also pleased at the critical reception it has received so far. Here’s hoping Bloodsworn does as well!

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Naked Jane Carver!

Friday, 20. January 2012 12:03

Staying true to what actually happens in the book, Dave Dorman first painted Jane topless, then covered her up for the official cover of Jane Carver of Waar. Now he’s sent me the topless version, and like the true friend I am, I’m sharing it with you!

Night Shade Books wants you to know that this has nothing to do with them. They publish respectable books with no nakedness on the covers. This is just between me, Dave Dorman and the world.

Thanks, Dave!

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Noelle Stevenson

Thursday, 19. January 2012 14:04

I haven’t done an art post in a while, but I found Noelle’s blog and had to share. Noelle is a great illustrator and cartoonist, and apparently a complete and utter geek. Yay! There’s a lot of fun noodling and doodling on the blog, but every once in a while she does something like this…

Yes, that would be a matador sailor fighting a giant squid while riding a sea horse. As they say on the internet, “Your argument is invalid.”

Noelle seems to like kick-ass heroines having over the top adventures. I wonder what she’d do with Jane or Ulrika.

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Wednesday, 11. January 2012 12:10

My advance reading copies are here! So cool!

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Cheating on my Blog

Friday, 6. January 2012 2:01

Yes, I’m blogging about posting on another blog when I have neglected this one for too long.

Head on over to the Night Bazaar, Night Shade Books’ author blog, where I will be blogging every Friday until Jane Carver comes out. This week I introduce myself, talk about my favorite books of last year, and last but not least say a few words about Jane Carver of Waar and reveal the full cover for the first time.

Oh, and it’s here too…

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