Interesting Times

I know 2012 was a rough year for a lot of people and in a lot of ways, and it certainly had its ups and downs for me too, but – at least for me – it ended up on the plus side, so much so that I’m kinda waiting for the banana peel and the punchline and the wah-wah-wah trombone.

The first down-swoop of the year was losing the Gotrek and Felix franchise. Then the up-swoop of getting my first original novel, Jane Carver of War, published and garnering a host of positive reviews.Then the down-swoop of being so broke I had to go back to working for a messenger company in order to pay the bills, and thinking I was going to start my fiftieth year working for less than minimum wage.

But then, round about the middle of the year, all the swoops were ups.I started working for my pal Steve Wang as a shop assistant at his special effects shop, which didn’t make me a rich man, but paid better than delivering packages, and was infinitely more fun. I got to work at a monster shop! Who could hate that? Next, through the mysterious offices of my pal Kitty, who tipped me to the job opening, and to my pal Mike Stackpole, who gave me the nod, I started working at my dream job, writing scenarios and dialog for a computer game called Wasteland 2 at InXile Entertainment. On top of that, my second original novel, Swords of Waar, came out in November, just in time for my 50th birthday, and I’m playing in a band with musicians so talented I feel like I don’t deserve to be in front of them.

And to crown it all, I am still the world’s luckiest boyfriend, the guy who gets to love the beautiful and talented Lili Chin, who has stuck with me through all the up-swoops and down-swoops and loop-de-loops of my unstable, unpredictable life.

Thank you, Lili, and thank you, 2012, which like a good novel, had a lot of cliff-hangers and drama, but ended on a high note.

Here’s to another happy ending next year, with maybe a few less bumps along the way….

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Date: Monday, 31. December 2012 17:35
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    What exactly happened (that you can discuss) regarding the Felix and Gotrek novels? The Black Library was publishing one per year, and then suddenly they stopped. I’ve been reading the series since it was first published and was sorry to see it stop.

    If you posted about this previously on your blog, I never saw any announcement regarding the subject. The series just… stopped. It’s left fans like me wondering what’s going on.

  2. 2

    It’s been a bit frustrating for me. I’ve been waiting since before Zombieslayer came out for BL to make some kind of announcement that I was off the series and Josh Reynolds would be the new writer, but they have never done it. I don’t know why. I would happily have given Josh my blessings and passed the torch, etc, but they didn’t seem interested.

    As far as I know, the series is continuing with Josh Reynolds at the helm, but they’re dropping the ___slayer titling protocol, and they are not following the storyline I had laid out. The books will now be more a series of stand alone adventures with less continuity. At least that’s how it was explained to me a year ago. It may have changed since then.

  3. 3

    To me throwing out continuity kills the idea of an ending… When G&F is all about the ending, the final doom!

    I think your G&F books are very good. I was favorably disposed from the moment the slayer became a catapult projectile :)

    Would be curious to know more about your storyline one day…

  4. 4

    That’s very disappointing to hear! I really liked the direction you were taking the Gotrek & Felix novels, especially in terms of an overarching plot. The fact that there’s been no sort of announcement about the change also strikes me as just plain rude, both as a G&F fan and a fan of your work. Sucks to hear things turned out that way for you, but at least the year ended on a good note, as you said.

    :( I guess this means the chances of any follow-ups to the Ulrika series are right out, huh?

  5. 5

    Not necessarily. BL and I are still on good terms, so a new Ulrika isn’t out of the question. I’m a bit busy with my own stuff at the moment, but I would love to come back to the series eventually.

  6. 6

    @Jacques — I don’t think there was much chance of an “ending” to the Felix & Gotrek books, much in the same way it is unlikely there will ever be an ending to James Bond movies. Eventually no more will be made, but the Black Library, like movie studios, will always want to keep an open mind as to another sequel.

    @Nathan, I’m sorry to hear you were replaced on the series. I always enjoyed your writing, and thought you did well with the series. If and when the new author ever settles into writing the series, I hope you’ll grace us with the outline you made on where the series might have gone in the future.

    At the risk of getting between you and the (potentially Chaos-touched) editors of the Black Library, do you have an e-mail address where I might write to suggest you be brought back to the series?

  7. 7

    What! The author of Jane Carver making do as an errant boy? I thought all you terribly famous and rich L.A. authors spent your time snorting coke and cavorting with underage fangirls, -boys, or whatevers. There ain’t no justice.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say was to thank you for the immense joy of the Waar books. I found Burroughs in my grandmothers’ house when I was about 7, and that was it. They were instrumental in my becoming the No. 1 head honcho in Finnish astronomy, and when I started writing my popular science books about the universe, life, and everything, The Princess of Mars was the only possible starting point. And the very latest one namechecks you & Jane, of course. I hope that at least few of my 50 000 readers are intrigued enough to order it from Amazon!

    I trust you have No. 3 already in the making. “Gods of Waar”, can it be anything else? The Seven return and organize a Celebration Day to show the mortals from which hole the chicken shits (an old Finnish saying).

    Thank you once more!

  8. 8


    Thanks so much, and sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I just saw your post now.

    Very cool to hear that you are using Jane to introduce your readers to Astronomy. Though I’m not sure what Jane would think of it…

    There is no 3rd book in the works just yet. I’m waiting for my publishers to ask for it, and so far they haven’t. Might do it anyway at some point, but I just got a much better job than errand boy. I’m writing for a computer game company. A great job, with good pay, but it is cutting rather drastically into my writing time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to books soon though.

    Thanks again, and say hi to your 50,000 followers for me!


  9. 9

    What, no “Gods of Waar” in the works yet? That, sir, almost counts as a crime against humanity, not to mention against your talents. I’ve got well over a thousand sf/fantasy books just in my own library, and I daresay I’ve read a major fraction of all Burroughs-influenced pastisches/homages. “Jane” is there well in the top five, at the very least. I’m begging you! No, hold on, I’m not begging, I’m *threatening* you. Ever heard of were-reindeers?

  10. 10

    YIKES! Were-reindeer!

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