Bloodsworn in Britain!

Amazon UK is showing that Bloodsworn, my third Ulrika the Vampire novel, is now available for sale. And doing quite well, actually. As I write this its Amazon ranking is 1971! Woo hoo!


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Date: Monday, 4. June 2012 13:55
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    Very much enjoyed the book! One question though: why was Karl-Franz without Ghal Maraz? I cannot imagine the Emporer without it.

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    Heh. Yeah, I probably should have put that in. Good call.

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    I enjoyed the book very much, and it gave me enough blood on the tooth to crave for yet another book of Ulrika the Vampire. therefore i ask if the very open ending of Bloodsworn suggests the possibity of a fourth book in the series? and it’s been a long time since i’ve read Manslayer, and i’m really tempted to read it yet again now after i’ve read Bloodsworn, but is there a real connection between Gotrek and Felix’s encounter with Ulrika in Manslayer that gives me a sense of cohesion from the ending of Bloodsworn? if that’s the case i will begin to read Manslayer right after i’ve read Blackhearts: The Omnibus. otherwise i’ll just start with Trollslayer and work my way up chronological again:) oh and the more epic scale of Bloodsworn awoke my appreciation of playing warhammer and especially fighting the undead – although the only possibility of playing was the pc game Dark Omen since all of my friends have forsaken the tabletop universe – betraaayal! Nevertheless, thanks for the adventure and hopefully the Gotrek & Felix Anthology wasn’t a dark omen of the future of the upcoming Gotrek and Felix book, right…? ;)

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    The book was brilliant. I bought it as an Ebook from the Black Library as soon as it was available and have just bought the paperback to go with its two predecessors. I’d like to congratulate you in the simplest sort of spirit – without agenda – on your delivery of such a compelling female protagonist. The best I’ve read since the first Shira Calpurnia novel. Anything by Nathon Long in the WH ‘verse is now an auto-buy for me.

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    Best vampire series I have read hands down (and I have read a few) especially since I happen to be a vampire counts player in WH. I have sunk my fangs into the bloody passages of this book and crave more! I only hope that you continue the series

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    I have sunk my fangs into this book’s bloody passages and I crave more! Easily the best vampire novel I have read (about time someone started to undo the damage down by the twilight series!) but I digress and I can only hope for a fourth book

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    Thank you, Jonathan! Glad you enjoyed them. I hope there’s a fourth book too!

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    just finished reading Bloodsworn on my kindle. have to say, i started reading bloodborn simply because i had nothing to read and own a small vampire counts army. never usually get into warhammer fantasy novels. (horus heresy fan) but Ulrika has quickly become one of my favorite characters in all the literature i have read. i was slightly shocked to see she didn’t manage to get talked round by Gabriella but striking out on her own has always been her thing in the books. i hope there is a forth because i dont want to think i wont see these characters again. thankyou for the wonderful books, though i probably would have slept earlier without them (cant ever seem to stop reading these once i start)

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    Thanks, KentWolf! Glad you picked up Bloodborn and gave Ulrika a chance. Yeah, I’ve had some people say Ulrika is a bit too headstrong in Bloodsworn, but I think it’s in character, given that she has been trained since birth as a warrior and a aristocrat. She’s ready to fight and used to getting her way. I hope there’s a fourth too, but I’m not sure when that will happen. Have to see what BL want to do.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed the three Ulrika books, I wont say trilogy because I want more volumes.

    I was hooked by your storytelling, how the pages just flowed as if I inhaled them for my own survival. Your little nods to the Genevieve Dieudonné books made me smile, my favourite WH books.

    Urika and the family of Lamia around her were highly entertaining, hope to see them again soon, to see more of the extended clan of bizarre sisters, and the poor wretch left shrivelled. So ghoulish, a wonderful touch. Still untold tales to tell.

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    Thank you, LS! Glad you enjoyed the books.

    And there is one other place you can read about Ulrika and her family. They make an appearance in Manslayer, one of my Gotrek and Felix novels, which takes place twenty years after the events of Bloodsworn.

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    i hope there be more books about ulrika i enjoyed them so much best wh books also risky with the female anti hero

  13. 13

    Thanks, glad you liked them!

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    I have just finished reading the Ulrika The Vampire books for the third time. I hope there is a fourth, I cant get enough of your writing!

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    No plans for a 4th at the moment, but who knows what the future may bring.

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