Bloodsworn released in US today!

The day has finally arrived! Bloodsworn, the third Ulrika the Vampire novel has been published in the US! So excited to finally be able to share the bloodsoaked culmination of the trilogy. Yay!

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Date: Tuesday, 29. May 2012 10:02
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    Just finished Bloodsworn today.
    I’m literally speechless. AMAZING book. I tore through it in just over 24 hours. I very rarely do that. Kudos sir on the best trilogy I’ve read in years. Ulrika’s my new favorite protagonist in fantasy novels. ^^
    That being said, I’m sad this trilogy is over. But, is there a possibility of more Ulrika to come?
    ((hopes)) =D

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    Thank you so much. Glad to hear it hit you like that. Very cool. I hope there are more Ulrika novels, but as of now I’m not sure what’s next.

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