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Bloodsworn released in US today!

Tuesday, 29. May 2012 10:02

The day has finally arrived! Bloodsworn, the third Ulrika the Vampire novel has been published in the US! So excited to finally be able to share the bloodsoaked culmination of the trilogy. Yay!

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Memorial Day

Monday, 28. May 2012 9:55

Watched a stupid movie called Stage Door Canteen with Lili last night, as corny and jingoistic as anything you’ll ever see, but here’s the thing. When was the last time you saw a whole movie, or even a whole TV show, the entire purpose of which was to make soldiers feel loved, honored, and good about themselves and the war they were fighting? Maybe it’s because WWII was the last good war, but those were not the last good soldiers. I wish there were something more recent to make today’s soldiers feel loved, honored and good about themselves, but for now, Gypsy Rose Lee taking off not very much at all will have to do.

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My night in Bordertown

Tuesday, 22. May 2012 10:20

Many years ago, I found an online community of folks who lovedĀ Terry Windling’s Bordertown series, and we all had a great time discussing the books and creating Bordertown alter-egos for ourselves, but then one night there was a Bordertown party here in LA and a lot of my online friends came from all over the country to attend. Also in attendance were Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, contributors to the series, and later my writing mentors. That’s Emma in the center with the 100,000 kilowatt smile, while to her right are Angel (in the leather jacket), Annachee (silver hair), and Ellie, (blonde hair). And I hope I got all the spellings right.

Not sure whose pic this was originally, but Sabrina McCoy put them up on Facebook, and Jen Walker (on the right) tagged me in them. Thanks to both of them for reminding me of that great night. My only regret is the awful chin beard I was sporting at the time. Oh well, as they say, there is no joy that is unalloyed.

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