The Trilogy is Complete!

Finally got my author copies of Bloodsworn and I had to lay it down next to Bloodborn and Bloodforged just to see ’em all together. Don’t they look fantastic? So pleased with Winona’s art and the overall look and feel of the series. I am also pleased at the critical reception it has received so far. Here’s hoping Bloodsworn does as well!

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Date: Tuesday, 27. March 2012 12:18
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    They’re just gorgeous, Nathan.

  2. 2

    Wow they look amazing!


  3. 3

    very very nice! great covers and great material within. congrats! what’s next?

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    congrats! the bloodforged cover is definitely my favorite of the three since it really captures Ulrika’s proud yet playful personality. i’m looking forward to read the book when it comes out, and i’m certain it can’t disappoint! any news about the next full length gotrek & felix book solely written by you, and is Heinrich Kemmler, Thanqoul and Lurk Snicthtongue completely finished in the saga or do they still have a role to play?

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    Thanks, Richard! I’m afraid I don’t have any news about the next G+F novel, but I’m sure Thanquol at least is not finished.

  6. 6

    I have prepaid for the last novel in the trilogy and have all three. I love the last two.

    Any hints on what the next Gotrek and Felix novel is?

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    Hi Terence, glad you’re enjoying the series. I’m afraid I still don’t know what the next Gotrek and Felix novel will be.

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    Looking forward to read it! Goes to the top of the list for my next order from BL.

    Many greetings from Poland! Sadly no one is currently translating BL books from Warhammer World into polish, although there is a hope (after few years) since one of the our Publishers just started with W40K (HH series).

    Anyway, despite of not being able to grab a copy in polish, books ordered from UK are well distributed among my friends, so yes, your books are read here! :)

    I have started with WHRP around 15 years ago, and while having 30 right now, still enjoy every bit of Gotrek, Felix and Urlika adventures.

    Obviously, as a big fan of Dwarfs, can’t wait for G&F journey back to Karak Kadrin.

    One more thing at the end: Please put a link to your ‘official’ Facebook page (if there is any) down here on your blog and reconsider removing ‘Sample Page’ from menu on right!

    And since it’s Monday (in US probably just started) – Have a nice week! :)

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