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As the release of Jane Carver of Waar is only two days away, I thought I’d compile all the reviews I’ve found so far. Not a bad one in the bunch. Can that possibly continue? I’ll keep you posted.

Publisher’s Weekly says, “An affectionate and often raunchy parody of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter of Mars books. Long mocks and critiques elements of space fantasy settings that a son of the Old South like John Carter would never have noticed.”

City Book Review says, “Jane Carver of Waar is a classic adventure novel and great fun. Think of it as a Burroughs homage by an accomplished modern fantasy writer.”

Cleveland.com says, “A devilishly entertaining homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs.”

Thinking About Books says, “Put all this together and Jane Carver of Waar takes itself seriously, showing our heroine as a fish out of water and trying to avoid death at every turn. This is not a parody intent on mocking ERB-style Barsoom fantasy novels. Unlike the originals, this has a coherent plot and good character development.”

If anyone sees any more reviews out there that I’ve missed, please let me know!


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Date: Sunday, 4. March 2012 11:40
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