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What a lot of amazing entries I received. I learned a lot about a lot of sci-fi and fantasy heroines who I knew nothing about, and in the process added considerably to my ‘to be read’ pile. Thanks to everyone who entered. You are an inspiring bunch. It was very difficult to pick just one to be the winner, so I’m glad we added a random draw prize as well, so another deserving entrant could win.

The winner of the random draw was Benjamin King, of Indiana. Thanks, Ben! You’ll be getting your book shortly.

The winner of the “Favorite Heroine” part of the contest was Steve Drew, of Oklahoma, who’s entry about reading with his daughter moved me, and reminded me that the best fantasy gets you thinking as well as giving you a thrill. But, uh, don’t read Jane with your daughter, Steve. It’ll just embarrass both of you.

Here’s what Steve wrote:

My favorite heroine in a SF / Fantasy series is Thorn Harvestar from Jeff Smith’s BONE series.  It may seem like an odd choice, but the BONE collection is the first true Fantasy book that I was able to share with my eight-year-old daughter.  We read through it every evening for weeks – going over both fun and serious topics throughout the evening.  When we finished, my daughter reflected on Thorn’s bravery, intelligence, strength and friendship – hoping that some day she could be like that as well.

It was at that point I realized what an exceptional role model and protagonist Jeff Smith developed in these stories.  Through Thorn, I was able to bond with my daughter over a wide range of subjects.  I’ve read countless novels over the years about heroines in SF/F worlds – this was the first that bridged the gap to reality and enhanced my life.  For that, I’m grateful to the BONE series and the character that Jeff Smith developed.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and to Ari Marmell for putting this contest together, as well as all the other writers who participated. This was a great event. Let’s do it again some time!

The ultra, super, mega winner will be announced in a few days. One lucky entrant picked from all the contests to receive all the books. Who will it be? Stay tuned and find out!
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Date: Saturday, 3. March 2012 10:10
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    And many thanks to you for putting this contest together! Really looking forward to reading this one, Nathan.

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