Crossing Streams – Opening Eyes — Part Three

My third post featuring some of the fantastic answers from the entries I’ve been getting for the Crossing the Streams contest. So proud of all my contestants! As I said earlier, I’m familiar with some of the authors and heroines mentioned, but many of the entries have opened my eyes to books I’d missed or dismissed, and my to-be-read pile is piling up with each new entry.

(A note to everyone who entered the contest. Just because your entry is posted here doesn’t mean you’ve won. And just because it isn’t doesn’t mean you’ve lost. Every single entry is still in the running.)

(A note to everyone who hasn’t entered the contest. It runs ’til the end of February. Still plenty of time to enter!)

Right then, here are three more:

My current favorite is Marla Mason from an urban fantasy series by T.A. Pratt. She’s a no nonsense ass kicker who gets herself in trouble by being too confident and secretive by half. There have been five books in the series starting with Blood Engines. You can see both the character and the author develop as the series goes on. In a genre filled with books that read like pulp romance with werewolves and vampires tossed in, Marla’s a breath of fresh air. Any man who got fresh with her would get his teeth kicked in.


The Rowan from Anne McCaffrey’s ‘The Tower and the Hive’ series.  I read it when I was 7 years old and begged my father to let me dye my hair white and convinced everyone I was going to marry a guy named Jeff Raven. She was sarcastic, commanding and scared the living daylights out of people–no one wanted to mess with her.  She was something of a biatch, but it really stemmed more from a past trauma and an upbringing that was mostly fueled by loss, and a lack of people who understood her.  Plus her name wasn’t ‘Rowan’, it was always ‘THE Rowan’.  How frakking cool is that?


My favorite heroine is Katniss Everdeen.  When my daughter and I read the Hunger Games series I was amazed by how Katniss inspired my 12 year old daughter to be strong and to stand up for what she believes is right.


More tomorrow!

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Date: Wednesday, 22. February 2012 12:00
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