Crossing Streams – Opening Eyes — Part One

Been getting lots of entries for the Crossing the Streams contest, and a lot of them are really amazing – very well thought out answers to the question, who is your favorite fantasy or science fiction heroine. I was so impressed that I thought I’d post some of them every day this week. I am familiar with some of the authors and heroines mentioned, but many of the entries have opened my eyes to books I’d missed or dismissed, and my to-be-read pile is piling up with each new entry.

(A note to everyone who entered the contest. Just because your entry is posted here doesn’t mean you’ve won. And just because it isn’t doesn’t mean you’ve lost. Every single entry is still in the running.)

(A note to everyone who hasn’t entered the contest. It runs ’til the end of February. Still plenty of time to enter!)

Right then, here are the first three:

Minda Sealy from Charles deLint’s first book, Riddle of the Wren. She appeared in my life when being small and brown and wren-like was reality, and she did the classic hero’s journey inward to find her answers, her identity, and her own power…and found that power was of wildness, not of traditional light/dark goodness — older, more nuanced, more subtle, both/and… Allowed me to own some of my own wildness that wasn’t about being a good girl in a new way…an early step in the road to becoming a 47 year old dragon…


As for my favorite Heroine from sci-fi and fantasy fiction, that’s tough. It seems that every book on my shelves is centered around male characters. Wow. There are a few older characters that stand out like David Eddings’ Polgara the Sorceress and Weiss and Hickman’s Kitiara, but they seem like secondary characters at best. I’ll go with Joshua Palmatier’s Varis from the Thrones of Amenkor series. That poor girl goes through hell just to survive and then when she finally achieves a position of power, she gets stuck on a throne of madness and forced to rule the same people who kept her on the streets. Plus, the magic’s pretty cool.


My favorite fantasy heroine would have to be Brienne of Tarth from the Song of Ice and Fire series. The minimal focus on her sexuality is refreshing and she presents an interesting inversion of the courtly knight trope.


More tomorrow!

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Date: Monday, 6. February 2012 10:23
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