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Thursday, 13. October 2011 8:55

Let’s get cracking.

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Saturday, 8. October 2011 18:02

Yes, I know, I’ve already published ten books, but this is different. For the first time in my life, I have sold an ORIGINAL novel! Not a tie-in. Not work for hire. Not getting paid to expand someone else’s idea. All mine!

My manuscript, JANE CARVER OF WAAR, has been sold to Night Shade Books – plus a sequel! Yup, a two book deal, with Jane to be published in March of next year, and the sequel soon after. Woo-Hoo!

And if it wasn’t for Howard Andrew Jones, none of it would have happened. I had been planning to e-publish Jane, which I wrote ten years ago (in fact, it’s the first novel I ever wrote!) and asked Howard to read through it to make sure it was fit for human consumption. When he finished it, he said that I shouldn’t e-publish it. It was too good for that. I should find a real publisher. In fact, he liked it so much he agreed to show it to his agent, Bob Mecoy.

Wonder of wonders, Bob liked Jane too, and sent her around to a few publishers, and Night Shade snapped it up. Yay! Thank you, Howard! Thank you, Bob! Thank you, Night Shade! I am forever in debt to all of you.

So, what is Jane Carver of Waar, you ask? As you might guess from the title, it is a rather bald-faced rip-off of John Carter of Mars – a big, swashbuckling, sword-and-ray-gun romp – but it’s also a little bit more than that… at least I hope it is. If something can be both loving tribute and scathing parody, that’s what Jane is.

John Carter was a stiff-necked confederate soldier, with old-fashioned notions of love, sex, and a woman’s place in the world. Jane Carver is a tough southern biker chick with a modern woman’s notions about the same things. John Carter fit right in when he arrived on his alien world and met its population of naked Victorians. He was completely in tune with their rigid codes of chivalry and feminine virtue. Jane… not so much.

When Jane rubs up against the staid society of Waar, sparks fly – and they just might set the whole planet on fire. Edgar Rice Burroughs will be spinning in his grave.

I can’t tell you how exciting this is. As much as I love writing the Warhammer novels, selling an original novel is a threshold I have been waiting to cross all my life.

It feels glorious.

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