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I stole this from my old Live Journal blog. I was thinking about it all again and decided to repost it. It’s about communication in Art and Writing.

The end product of all art (writing/painting/sculpture/film-making/etc.) is NOT the book or print or statue or movie the artist made. The end product of all art is the reaction that the book/print/statue/etc causes in the heart and mind of the person who looks at it. (laughter/tears/rage/joy/horror/etc.)

Art is just a way to take the pictures in your head and the emotions in your heart, and put them into the head and heart of someone else. It is communication. Pure and simple. If you want a person who looks at your work to see what you had in your mind, and feel what you had in your heart, then you must learn to communicate clearly and powerfully.

In illustration, that means learning to draw and paint as well as you can, because if you’re thinking like Frazetta, but your fingers are only making stick figures, no one is going to see it like you saw it.

In writing, it means learning to think clearly and write cleanly. If you’ve got a great epic fantasy novel in your head, but your fingers type “…some doods went to teh forrest and totally killd some Orkz” no-one who reads it is going feel it like you felt it.

So, to sum up. Art is communication. Knowledge and technique help make that communication clear.


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Date: Thursday, 7. July 2011 11:22
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