I’m in a book!

My friends Scott Phillips and Bob Vardeman have just published an anthology of stories about terrible jobs, and I wrote one of them!

A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell is a mix of true-life and fictional stories about work – all funny, horrible or sad, and sometimes all three at once. Mine is one of the true-life tales, and details a memorable fare I had, back when I was driving a taxi here in LA. If you’d like to check it out, Kindle and I-Pad versions are available for download. I will post again when the print version is ready.

Click on the pic above for the Kindle version, or the pic below for the I-Pad version.

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Date: Tuesday, 8. February 2011 13:50
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  1. 1

    Hey Nathan,
    Damn. I am seriously curious about your ‘memorable fare’ (at first I thought you just had a good meal!).
    Hope it wasn’t as tense as Collateral. ;)

  2. 2

    More slapstick comedy than Collateral, I think….

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