Well, how about that….

I have a wikipedia page!

I don’t know who put it together, but how cool!

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Date: Thursday, 1. April 2010 2:01
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  1. 1

    You have officially arrived.

  2. 2

    Congrats on the Wikipedia page.

  3. 3

    Congratulations, I think. I am not a big Wikipedia fan, which might be why my page is so…sparse. Still, your bibliography looks good and you even get a link to your band.

    They did give you the special brand on your hindquarters, I assume?

  4. 4

    Thanks, all! And, yeah, Bob. I got a big W on my left cheek now.

  5. 5

    Uh-oh. It was supposed to be on the right…

  6. 6

    Hi, Nathan!

    That’d be me – I wanted to venture into Wikipedia, so I thought I’d start with a favourite author of mine who, for some reason, had no page. If you’re willing to chuck me some information at my email address I’m happy to add more to it.

    Many thanks


  7. 7

    Wow! Thanks! That is very cool. I’m extremely flattered that you took the time. I will look it over again, and if there’s anything else I think you should add, I’ll send it along. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  8. 8

    HURRAY! You rule!

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