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Wednesday, 28. April 2010 23:42

Author copies!

Just got ’em in the mail today!

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Christa and Glen – Together Again

Tuesday, 27. April 2010 12:23

Check out the cover art for my pal Christa Faust’s forthcoming Angel Dare novel, Choke Hold. Glen Orbik is a fantastic painter – a real throwback to the golden age of pulp cover artists. Click on the cover to visit Christa’s blog and learn more.

Here’s the cover Glen did for Christa’s first Angel Dare novel, Money Shot. Click on it to go to his site and see more of his work.

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Bound for Glory!

Saturday, 24. April 2010 23:00

This is pretty cool – at least I think it is. Lisa Morton, at the Iliad Bookshop sent word to me through my pal Christa Faust that a guy had come in with leather-bound copies of my Warhammer books. Apparently he had done it himself, and they looked pretty good.

Never one to resist appeals to my vanity, I popped over there to see for myself and they did look pretty good – so I bought ’em. And here they are!

Pretty damn cool, huh? They are, the Blackhearts Omnibus, and the Gotrek and Felix Omnibus Vol I, II and III. Whoever he was, the bookbinder didn’t just do bindings for the G+F and Blackhearts series. There were at least ten other Warhammer books in the collection, all neatly done up in black pleather.

Let me just say right here that this is the sort of thing I highly encourage. If anyone out there wants to make bound, embossed, gold-leafed, gem-encrusted or otherwise custom-crafted bindings for my books, or illustrations of their characters, or miniatures perhaps, I’m all for it, and I would love to see a snapshot or two of the finished product – which I would of course feature prominently on this blog.

Finally, to the anonymous bookbinder, let me just say, thanks! I love ’em! Keep up the good work!

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Saturday, 24. April 2010 14:27

New weird spam comments to delete. They come from normal looking addresses, but are clones of comments already left by others. For instance, Grey’s “You know me well, sir.” comment has been left by two other “people” in the last two days. What is the purpose of spam like that?


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Min Hyuk Yum

Wednesday, 21. April 2010 19:50

I don’t know much about Min, not even if he or she is male of female. I do know that Min is from Sydney, Australia, and works as a concept artist, and than all Min’s work is as beautiful as this. So click on the picture to see more!

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Jake’s new sword!

Tuesday, 20. April 2010 9:46

Jake Powning has made a new sword, and as always, it’s a beauty. Unfortunately, this one isn’t for sale. It was a private commission, but it doesn’t cost to look, and there are others available on his site. Click on the picture to see a cool step-by-step pictorial of how he made it.

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Fliers for Friends

Wednesday, 14. April 2010 10:52

While prepping my next writing projects, I’ve also been doing some graphics work for friends who have clubs and bands. Here is some of what I’ve been working on. Click on the pics to go to the RSVP page for each.

I also did another logo for Club Romper Stomper.

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Bloodborn Extract!

Tuesday, 13. April 2010 10:02

A good chunk of the first chapter of Bloodborn is available for download on the Black Library website. Click on the picture to read how Ulrika’s life as a vampire begins!

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Mr. Jack

Monday, 12. April 2010 11:14

I don’t normally post to an artist unless they have a personal portfolio site I can link through to, but in this case I liked the art so much I thought I’m make an exception. This is by someone named Mr. Jack, who seems, from various clues, to be a concept artist at Blizzard, but that’s about all I know. If you click on the picture it’ll take you to his Deviant Art page, which is better than nothing, but, dude. With talent like yours, you should get your own site!

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Well, how about that….

Thursday, 1. April 2010 2:01

I have a wikipedia page!

I don’t know who put it together, but how cool!

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