Back from the Dead…

And better than ever.

I delivered my first draft of Zombieslayer yesterday and have finally come up for air. I always get a little, uh, focused toward the end of a draft, and I really haven’t paid much attention to anything other than writing, so things like buying groceries, cleaning the house, bathing and updating this blog have sort of gone by the wayside. But now I’m done (at least with this draft) and I have a little time to breathe, so… let’s get back to the art and noise, shall we?

Then I’ll go take a bath…

Here is Maciej Kuciara painting of one of the classic fantasy tropes – the half naked barbarian woman. A lot of times this kind of subject matter gets a bit cheesy and dull, but I like what he’s done with it. Click on the pic to go to his site, which is filled with amazing stuff. He is a top-notch landscape and matte painting guy too.

Barabarian Woman

Date: Sunday, 7. March 2010 19:47
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    What he’s done with red here is amazing.

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