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In a couple of weeks I’m going to be doing another promo video for the Black Library. This one will be for Bloodborn, my upcoming Gotrek and Felix spin-off novel about Ulrika the Vampire, and this time I thought I’d do a little Q+A. So, if you have any questions about Bloodborn, Ulrika, my other Warhammer books, or what I think about vampires who sparkle, reply here and I will compile them and do my best to answer them. I think Black Library is going to be collecting questions on their FB page too, so hopefully there will be a bunch when we get them all together.

The cover of my next Warhammer novel. I can't wait for this one to come out. It looks so cool!

The cover of my next Warhammer novel. I can't wait for this one to come out. It looks so cool!

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Date: Thursday, 21. January 2010 10:48
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    In the introduction to Blackhearts: The Omnibus, you wrote that you were tired of heroes that “ran around like they owned the place and solved all their problems with their fists or their guns… I don’t believe these people exist, and if they do, I don’t want to know them.”

    The Blackhearts were certainly men with doubts, flaws, and fears, as is Felix Jaegar to a lesser extent. But how do you reconcile your view with Gotrek? He is beyond fear and his primary flaw is his preference for using his axe over diplomacy. The only doubt that Gotrek ever expresses is whether he will find a worthy doom (particularly after he failed to meet up with Archaon’ invasion).

    (On a side note, Gotrek wears a patch over one eye. Those with one eye have limited depth perception, something that causes problems when tossing and catching. You might want to write this into one of your book sometime, it would make for an interesting limitation on Gotrek’s otherwise awesome physical abilities).

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    Being as I haven’t gotten up to the point in my G&F readings to know much about Ulrika, will this series start from her humble beginnings or throw us right into “present day” life…or un-life as it may be. It is probably a given but I am sure the tales will be dabbed in glorious high adventure and dark fantasy, however, what will make the reader be drawn to this vampire character and your portrayal of her?

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    Ah! Another spinoff (series?) within the Warhammer universe!

    Great cover!

  4. 4

    Couple more Q’s…

    Did BL come to you or did you suggest a series about Ulrika to them? Or a joint interest? Huge fan interest with Ulrika? How does that whole thing usually work anyway?

  5. 5

    Thanks, all for the questions. I will compile them and answer them on the video.

  6. 6

    Hi Mr Long

    Will you write any Warhammer 40k novel in the future?
    Love your work by the way. Your video on your writing process was real inspiring.

  7. Matthew T. Whelehan
    Tuesday, 26. January 2010 4:53

    First off, I’m a huge fan.

    Second, the questions:
    1. Will there be more Blackhearts stories coming?

    2. As much as I’m a fan of Gotrek, is there a doom in sight for the “worst slayer of all time”?

    3. As a screenwriter have you ever thought about putting any of your characters into a film?

    4. (More comment than question) I’ll echo Peter’s questions regarding the genesis of the Ulrika book. While I am a fan of the Vampire Counts army, I’ve never been a fan of a lot of the vampire fiction out of the Old World. I hope this isn’t Black Library’s way of putting a vampire book out in an already glutted market.

  8. 8

    Why did you choose Ulrika to write about out of the many chrachters to choose from, from The three Gotrek anf Felix Novels you wrote? I loved how your style of writing . You could immediately tell the difference in the authors of the books. It was a great a change of pace. Look forward to reading this!!!!

  9. 9

    Q: I personally found that Ulrika’s struggle with her loss of humanity and herself coming to terms with the feelings she still possibly harboured for Felix in ‘Manslayer’ was very touching. Will this be a theme that will be looked into further in Bloodborne/sequels to come?

    I love your books Mr Long and I hope you write MANY more!

    Oliver T. Wardle,

    Ps. Give Felix a break!

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    […] Na swojej stronie Nathan Long zachęcił fanów do zadawania mu pytań na temat jego nadchodzącej książki – Bloodborn (będącej […]

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    Heh. Used a translator on this, and it says, in Polish, “On his website, Nathan Long has encouraged fans to ask him questions about his upcoming book – Bloodborn.”

    Welcome Polish fans! Thanks for visiting the site and reading the books!

  12. 12

    How will you (did you) decide what elements of the vampire mythos to use. Despite not considering myself to be especially into vampires or horror, I realize I have seen a lot: all of Buffy and Angel (Firefly inspired me to give Buffy a chance and it turned out to be pretty great), am watching True Blood (pretty good), saw the 2 Twilight movies (the girl is quite a good actor; have not read the books) and the excellent Swedish movie Let the Right One In (I really recommend you see this if you have not). One of the main things I find of interest when I engage with vampire stories (or really all genre fiction) is seeing how the traditional elements are deployed and given twists. Twilight may be fluff, but the sparkly skin bit is a clever take on the sunlight element. I urge you to find interesting ways to subvert the tradition.


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