Scrappy Old Year!

It wasn’t the best of times. It wasn’t the worst of times. It was just times.

On the plus side, in 2009 I completed three novels, including a stand-alone personal one, am almost half-way done on a fourth, and the kids TV show I was head writer for debuted and played all year. I made my living entirely from writing, I was an invited guest at a sci-fi convention for the first time, I had a great time with family and friends, got to travel a bit, met some very cool people, and started this fancy new website.

On the nonplussed side, the TV show was canceled at episode 38 out of 40, it wasn’t much of a living, next year looks to be another lean one, and I am still not yet married to Tilda Swinton.

So, as you can see, far more positives than negatives. Indeed, were it not for the old bank balance, I would have said it was a great year. The old saying about money not buying happiness is indeed true, but I do believe that a little bit socked away can to a certain extent ease one’s anxieties.

Here’s to a less anxious new year!

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Date: Thursday, 31. December 2009 14:47
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    To a less anxious new year! And a dashing butler. Err, was that my inside voice?

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    Similar situation here. Working for yourself can be great – but that lack of regular cash can take the shine off things.

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