Kamen Katastrophe


Okay, I thought this might be just a rumor, but my boss, Steve Wang, just confirmed it. The CW Network is dropping KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT, the series I was head writer on, without showing the last two episodes of the 40-episode story arc! Please sign THIS PETITION to get the end of the story on the air. Thanks!

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Date: Saturday, 12. December 2009 13:09
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    I saw this on Scott’s FB page and signed it. Simply do not understand the economics of having something ready to go and then not showing it.

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    Seriously, just do a 3-ep ‘marathon’ on the last day – the fanbase that IS there would be glued to it. What a crock of shit…

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    Yeah, I don’t get the logic here either. Two episodes left and they want to pull it? TV-land is another country…

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    Yeah, I don’t understand it. They already payed the fee to air the 40 episodes. It’s not like they’re going to get a refund for the last two. Bizarre.

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