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Scrappy Old Year!

Thursday, 31. December 2009 14:47

It wasn’t the best of times. It wasn’t the worst of times. It was just times.

On the plus side, in 2009 I completed three novels, including a stand-alone personal one, am almost half-way done on a fourth, and the kids TV show I was head writer for debuted and played all year. I made my living entirely from writing, I was an invited guest at a sci-fi convention for the first time, I had a great time with family and friends, got to travel a bit, met some very cool people, and started this fancy new website.

On the nonplussed side, the TV show was canceled at episode 38 out of 40, it wasn’t much of a living, next year looks to be another lean one, and I am still not yet married to Tilda Swinton.

So, as you can see, far more positives than negatives. Indeed, were it not for the old bank balance, I would have said it was a great year. The old saying about money not buying happiness is indeed true, but I do believe that a little bit socked away can to a certain extent ease one’s anxieties.

Here’s to a less anxious new year!

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Joy Ang

Sunday, 27. December 2009 13:18

I don’t know if Joy is still working in illustration – the last update on her blog is from 2007 – but I hope so. Her work is beautiful, and also very diverse, going from lyrical images like this, to heroic characters to funny animals and cute kids. Check out more by clicking on the picture.


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A Graphic Proposal

Wednesday, 23. December 2009 10:41

Well, I’m broke, so it’s time to give my old gig a try. If you need any Graphic design work done, or know anybody who does, click over my Graphic Design page and have a look at my stuff. If I do the sort of thing you like, drop me a line through the Contact Page and we’ll talk about prices.

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Old School Pulp

Tuesday, 22. December 2009 12:47

Robert Maguire is one of my favorite old school pulp artists. He had a great sense of graphic design, and wasn’t afraid to go crazy with the colors. Here are two I really like. These are the originals, without the type or cover copy. Click on the pictures to go to his gallery site.



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Back to the Beauty

Wednesday, 16. December 2009 13:20

Back in Los Angeles after visiting Mom for a couple weeks. I kinda slacked off on the posts while I was there, so it’s time to get back to the beauty.

Here is a painting by Dan Dos Santos, a great paperback cover artist, and good guy, who is always quick with helpful criticism and advice to young artists over at This is one of my favorite of his paintings. It’s called Poison Sleep, and I have it rolled up under my bed right now, awaiting a frame. Just as soon as I get some extra cash….

Poison Sleep

Click on the painting to visit his site. Lots of great stuff there.


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Kamen Katastrophe

Saturday, 12. December 2009 13:09


Okay, I thought this might be just a rumor, but my boss, Steve Wang, just confirmed it. The CW Network is dropping KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT, the series I was head writer on, without showing the last two episodes of the 40-episode story arc! Please sign THIS PETITION to get the end of the story on the air. Thanks!

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Saturday, 12. December 2009 9:08

I can post this now that Black Library has announced it.

The next chapter in the Gotrek and Felix saga will be Zombieslayer! It comes out November, 2010. Now I just have to write the damn thing….


Click on the picture to go Black Library’s upcoming releases page. I hope I don’t get into trouble for posting the cover. They haven’t put it up yet.

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Kozy and Dan catch a wave

Tuesday, 1. December 2009 23:12

Here is another print I have on my wall. It’s called Uprisings, and is by the husband and wife team of Kozy and Dan. I love it because it makes you look twice. First it just seems to be an ordinary homage to Hokusai, but when you look closer…


Click on the picture to visit Kozy and Dan’s site. They have lots of cool art and illustration there, including the other three prints in this series.

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